Sutter Health is a non-profit, integrated healthcare system based in Sacramento, California. It operates 24 critical care hospitals and more than 200 clinics in Northern California. The Sutter Hospital Association was formed in 1921 in response to the 1918 flu pandemic. The first hospital opened in 1923 and is named after nearby Fort Sutter.


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Sutter’s Fort was built by California pioneer John Sutter, one of Sacramento’s first European settlements. The first Sutter Hospital was built near the fort in 1918 as a response to the 1918 flu pandemic, replacing an old mud hut that had previously served as a makeshift hospital. Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento occupies this location today.

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In 2010, Sutter Health reorganized its hospitals and medical foundations into five regions: Central Valley, Sacramento Sierra, East Bay, West Bay and Peninsula Coastal Valley.

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