MyHealthOnline Portal is an online service offered by NHS Wales. MyHealthOnline offers the convenience of making appointments online. It is recommended that you visit to learn how to keep your MyHealthOnline information safe. Website that gives you access to your health information. This is a customized version of MyChart.


Our secure membership site, MyHealthonline Login, provides access to personalized information, materials and resources. It is an online service that allows you to schedule routine appointments with a doctor up to 15 days in advance. MyHealthOnline is a platform where we share knowledge about health, yoga and lifestyle.


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MyHealthOnline allows you to book PCP appointments and order prescription refills online from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. This means you don’t have to wait on the phone for your GP to ask; You can do it online at your convenience. Use MyHealth to keep track of your health. Stanford Health Care patients and caregivers can benefit from MyHealth.

MyHealthOnline now has features that automatically enable additional features. You must register in order to take advantage of all the benefits and functions available.

MyHealthOnline Sign In For First Time Users

The following registration procedure is described below:

  • Create your personal MyHealth Online account by entering your details below.
  • Visit the official website at
  • First, you need to enter your personal information such as your first name, middle name and last name as well as your address.
  • Then, you must provide your mobile number and date of birth.
  • At the end, you must enter your email address.
  • Click submit when you have filled in all the requested information.

Your access code will be sent to you by email within one hour of registering to connect to Ma Santé en Ligne.

Login Process For Registered Users

Once registered on the official MyHealthOnline Portal, it is very simple and easy to connect.


  • Visit the official website
  • There is a box in the right corner.
  • First enter your login ID and then your password.
  • The same username and password you received by email.
  • Finally, click on the connect button.

As soon as you register now, you can enjoy all the benefits, functions, and services. If you encounter an issue during the registration process, you can use the troubleshooting procedure or contact customer service to successfully register.

Know The Eligibility Criteria

  • All MyHealthonline Sutter patients aged 18 and over can register for MyHealthOnline.
  • New patients can find a MyHealthonline Sutter provider that offers MyHealthOnline and we will enroll you on your first visit.
  • You can register as a patient between the ages of 12 and 17 if you have parental consent. Ask your child’s provider how to access it.

Check Out The Features


Make or request appointments with your service providers. View upcoming and past appointments.

Tests Results

See your test results as they become available.

By law, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospital and Clinics cannot publish results online for the following:

  • HIV antibodies, initial test
  • Drug addiction tests
  • Hepatitis test results
  • All results search for cancer.

Messages And Attachments

Send messages to your primary and specialist care teams at any time. You can also attach documents and images to your message. All messages are part of your medical record.

Prescription And Recharge Program

Order medication refills and choose your pharmacy that you can pick up at our SCVMC pharmacies or send by mail. You can also enroll in the SCV™ Drug Refill Program online or through the MyChart mobile app. This program will send you future recharges when they expire, without you having to ask.

Subscription Request

Request records for information such as reports, labs, procedures, medications, or completed visits.


  1. Organize your upcoming appointments.
  2. Reminds you of the preventive measures and tests you need to carry out.

Terms And Conditions

View information about your conditions in one place. This includes your medications, test results, drug tests, treatment summaries, and treatment goals, all organized in one place. This will help you stick to your treatment plan.

Profile And Account Settings

Select options to help manage your account. This includes changing passwords, changing personal information, updating your contact list, setting scheduling preferences, and much more.

Official NameMyHealthOnline
Portal TypeLogin
Managed BySutter Health

Information About Mobile App 

In addition to replacing MyChart, this MyHealthOnline App is available for MyHealthonline Sutter patients. MyHealthOnline is now available through the MyHealthonline Sutter -specific app. If you are already using MyChart, please stop using it and download this new MyHealthOnline App.


At MyHealthonline Sutter Health, you can log into your MyHealthOnline account to manage your health information and contact your doctor and healthcare team from your mobile device.

With Sutter Health’s MyHealthOnline App, you can:

  • Send a message to your doctor and healthcare team.
  • Check the test results.
  • Request prescription top-ups.
  • Schedule and manage your appointments.
  • Book same-day video tours.
  • Check and pay your bill.
  • View your vaccination history, medication and health reminders.
  • Proxy access to health information about your family.

You must have an active MyHealthOnline account before using the mobile app. If you don’t already have a MyHealthOnline account, learn how to register on our website: myhealthonline sutterhealth org

To learn more about MyHealthOnline, see our FAQ: myhealthonline sutterhealth org myhealthonline/frequently-asked-questions.html

Do you have feedback or need help? Select Contact Support in the app.

Check Out Various Services

My Health Online App

Take care of yourself along the way. Download the free mobile app today. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Schedule A Viewing Time

Schedule an in-person visit with your doctor or schedule a same-day video visit. Make an appointment online.

Sign Up For SMS Reminders

Receive appointment reminders or notifications of past appointments.

  • Without hanging up and waiting for communication with the company
  • Convenient access to practice services from anywhere with internet access
  • Reduction of the administrative effort of the company.
  • Secure access with all information protected by the highest internet security standards

Once registered, you can only schedule an appointment until you provide the clinic with a photo ID and enable full access. In the future, as an online bank, you will be able to use MyHealthOnline to access a variety of online services, including ordering medication, checking allergies and vaccinations, and updating your information.

Our Products

Stay connected with your doctors and access your medical records anytime, anywhere.

  • Make personalized appointments online
  • Arrange an online video visit for non-emergency issues
  • Send me one

Solve Login Issues

Please try logging in again. If you need to recover your information, use the Forgot Login ID or Forgot Password? recovery options.

More tips:

  • Don’t turn on Caps Lock. You can’t change the case of the password.
  • If you have saved your password in your browser, delete it and reenter your password.
  • Verify your MyHealthonline Login ID is correct.
  • Enter your MyHealthonline Login ID and Password correctly without adding extra spaces.
  • In your browser settings, clear the cache and cookies. Then restart your computer.
  • To prevent your internet connection from slowing down, close any tabs you don’t need while running multiple tabs in your browser.
  • Please log in with the MyHealthOnline mobile app if you are using a phone or tablet.

How To Reset Credentials?

Identification Number

  • Go to the official MyHealthonline Login site.
  • Click on the forgotten login ID.
  • You will be redirected to the new page.
  • Enter the first and last name.
  • Then enter your date of birth.
  • Then enter your email address for verification.
  • At the end, click on the Submit button.


You will then receive an official email from which you can create the new ID.


After creating a new ID or resetting the ID number, resetting or creating a new password is simpler and easier.

  • Go to the official website first.
  • Then enter your personal information for verification.
  • Then enter your username.
  • Enter your date of birth at the end.
  • Now click on the Submit button.

You can now reset your password as soon as you receive the email from the official login website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of visits are available to make an appointment on MyHealthOnline login?

In general, Ma Santé Online allows you to schedule follow-up or preventive care (health maintenance checkup, health checkup) with your existing healthcare team. Depending on the member’s and MyHealthonline Sutter area of ​​expertise, follow-up visits to specialist suppliers and video visits for non-emergency matters are also possible.

Why can’t I schedule or request a visit from one of my hospital’s providers?

Currently, MyHealthOnline login only supports messaging, scheduling and billing functionality for services provided in most outpatient centers and physician offices. Please contact the hospital directly if you have any questions about a service you received.

Can I request records through My Online Health?

While you cannot request medical records directly through MyHealthOnline, you can request them online using this form. Once downloaded, you can view them in the Requested Records section of MyHealthOnline.

When can I see my test results?

Test results are available immediately after results are complete. By instantly posting results to your MHO account, you can see a result before your provider or service team has a chance to review it. Wait for your provider or clinical team to contact you (usually 3-6 business days to discuss results). If you have an urgent request, you can contact your supplier’s office.

About Sutter Health

Sutter Health is a non-profit, integrated healthcare system based in Sacramento, California. It operates 24 critical care hospitals and more than 200 clinics in Northern California.

The Sutter Hospital Association was formed in 1921 in response to the 1918 flu pandemic. Named after the nearby fort of Sutter, the first hospital opened in 1923. The organization is later known as Sutter Community Hospitals eventually merged with several hospitals in difficulties in the area.


The organization takes its name from one of Sacramento’s first European settlements, Sutter’s Fort, built by California pioneer John Sutter. In response to the 1918 flu pandemic, community leaders built the first Sutter Hospital near the fort, replacing an old mud house that previously served as a makeshift hospital. Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento occupies this location today.

In 2010, Sutter Health reorganized its hospitals and medical foundations into five regions: Central Valley, Sacramento Sierra, East Bay, West Bay and Peninsula Coastal In November 2014, it announced the operational integration of its five operating units into two: Bay Area and Valley Area.


All information about myhealth online can be found here. We hope that the information provided will be useful to you when you need it. If you are still having issues or issues, please leave a comment in the comment box below or contact customer service.

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