Frequently Asked questions

With MyHealthOnline, you can schedule PCP appointments and order prescription refills online from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. That means you don’t have to wait on the phone for your GP to tell you. You can easily do this online. Use MyHealth to track your health. Stanford Health Care patients and caregivers can benefit from MyHealth.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I see my test results?

Test results are available immediately after results are complete. By instantly posting results to your MHO account, you can see a result before your supplier or service team has a chance to review it. Wait for your provider or clinical team to contact you (usually 3-6 business days to discuss results). If you have an urgent request, you can contact your supplier’s office.

What if I see an error in my log?

If you find errors, you must report them to your company. If you see information that does not apply to you, you must immediately unsubscribe from Ma Santé en ligne and report your practice.

Why can’t I schedule or request a visit from one of my hospital providers?

Currently, MyHealthOnline login only supports messaging, scheduling and billing functionality for services provided in most outpatient centers and doctors’ offices. In case of questions about the hospital’s services, please contact them directly.

Can I request records through My Online Health?

While you cannot request medical records directly through MyHealthOnline, you can request them online using this form. Once downloaded, you can view them in the Requested Records section of MyHealthOnline.

What types of visits are possible to make an appointment in MyHealthOnline Login?

In general, with Ma Santé Online you can organize a follow-up or preventive check-up (health exam, health check-up) with your existing healthcare team. Depending on the member’s area of ​​expertise and MyHealthonline Sutter, follow-up visits to specialist providers and non-emergency video visits are also possible.